BlechWunder Tool Set

In 2009, based on our experience, we developed this dent technique tool set, which enables a safe entry into the art of dent removal.
. It is important for us to offer good functionality and highest quality of the tools at a favourable price. This tool set has already proven itself hundreds of times in practice as a basic starter set.

BlechWunder dent repair tool set:

  • 2 dent removal levers with interchangeable tips for use in freely accessible places, such as the bonnet or roof. By combining two levers with three interchangeable tips, they get the functionality of six levers.
  • 1 counter bearing as lever point enables precise use of the tools.
  • 4 dent removal levers with different bends and tips to get the best possible access to the dents.
  • 2 strut levers with outlets to the left and right to gain access to dents in concealed areas.
  • 2 door levers to repair dents on doors. The design is optimised for access via the shaft strip and thus significantly reduces the removal and installation work.
  • 1 window shaft bar wedge to spread the gap between the side window and the shaft bar and thus gain more freedom of action.
  • 1 window shield to prevent scratches on the side windows.
  • 2 Whaletails enable the repair of dents hidden by struts or sheet metal trim.
  • 6 Adhesive Adapters in different shapes and sizes enable the pulling of dents in inaccessible areas.
  • 1 recoil mandrel for levelling overpressed dents.
  • 1 Pulling hammer enables the transfer of the pulling force to the adhesive adapters.